M&A Tax Advisory

Navigating the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate restructuring in India requires expert guidance. It is crucial to ensure that the transaction is structured efficiently, considering the tax implications for both the buyer and the seller. Our M&A Tax Advisory services offer direct and assertive solutions to help you maximize the value of your transactions and reshape your business for success.

Our M&A Tax advisory services include:

Due Diligence:

  • Conducting comprehensive tax due diligence to identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • Assessing the historical tax compliance of the target company.
  • Analyzing the tax attributes of the target, such as net operating losses and tax credits.

Transaction Structuring:

  • Advising on the optimal deal structure to minimize tax liabilities for both parties.
  • Considering the use of stock or asset acquisitions based on tax efficiency.
  • Structuring earn-outs and contingent payments to optimize tax outcomes.

Tax Efficiency Planning:

  • Developing strategies to achieve tax efficiencies in the post-transaction entity.
  • Evaluating the utilization of tax attributes and carryforwards in the combined entity.

Cross-Border Considerations:

  • Addressing the international tax implications of cross-border transactions.
  • Optimizing the transaction structure to mitigate withholding taxes and other cross-border tax issues.

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation:

  • Assessing the tax implications of employee benefits and stock options.
  • Ensuring compliance with tax laws related to executive compensation in the context of the transaction.

Tax Compliance and Reporting:

  • Assisting with the preparation of tax-related documents for the transaction.
  • Advising on the proper disclosure of tax-related matters in transaction documents.

Change of Control Issues:

  • Identifying and addressing change of control provisions in contracts and agreements.
  • Managing the impact of change of control on existing contractual relationships and tax positions undertaken to avoid prolonged tax litigation.

Tax Opinions and Rulings:

  • Obtaining tax opinions or rulings from relevant tax authorities to provide certainty on tax outcomes.
  • Seeking advance rulings to address specific tax issues related to the transaction.

Integration Planning:

  • Developing a tax-efficient integration plan for the combined entity.
  • Implementing strategies to harmonize tax positions and optimize the overall tax structure.

Contingent Liabilities and Reserves:

  • Assessing and accounting for potential tax contingencies and liabilities.
  • Establishing reserves for uncertain tax positions in accordance with accounting standards.

How is KNAV delivering Above & Beyond?

M&A tax advisory services require a deep understanding of tax law and the specific industry dynamics of the entities involved. The goal is to structure the transaction in a way that maximizes value while minimizing tax liabilities. Our experts help you navigate the complexities of M&A transactions successfully.

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